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Baby Photography and Infant Photography in Raleigh NC by Award Winning Photographer Susie Gilmore

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Baby Photography – Your Baby’s First Year

At no time in your child’s life will physical changes occur so rapidly than in the first year. I feel extremely honored to share in this adventure of capturing these moments for you.      – Susie Gilmore   International award-winning Photographic Artist

The joy of seeing your newborn baby and the day you held them in your arms cannot compare to anything else in this world. It is such a happy occasion that the moment needs to be captured and preserved.  Susie Gilmore specializes in baby photography from just a few days old through every stage of your baby’s first year. Susie schedules just one photography session a day, so you can be assured of a relaxed atmosphere, where you and your baby’s portraits are the most important priority of her day.

Baby photography is available by appointment only to ensure that you and your baby have plenty of time to get the attention and care that you deserve. Your session will last up to two hours. It’s not uncommon to take a short break to meet the needs of your newborn. There is time for diaper changes and feeding. You will feel right at home, Susie has a changing table, baby wipes and refreshments.

Because babies are such a special part of our lives, it is important to capture the special bond between parents and families. When you see their hidden expression and their smiles in a baby photograph, it will bring back the memories of their tender young age. Susie recommends photographing newborns with their parents to record this bond and to show the perspective of how tiny he or she is in your arms. Susie offers elegant baby announcements with multiple images from your session to show off your little one to friends and family.

A newborn session is normally with a dramatic black background to ensure a flattering portrait for the new mother. Parent’s clothing should be a long sleeved black shirt & pants (or long skirt). Susie has black clothing for the mother if she is between sizes. She also has a black diaper cover or bloomers for your baby to wear during the session. Please be sure to bring your wedding rings on the day of your appointment. Susie loves photographing your rings on your baby’s toes and fingers to show how small he or she is. She also photographs closeups of baby parts: hands, feet, smile, ear, bum, eyes, legs and arms.

Sleeping portraits are precious at this age. To personalize the portrait, bring a stuffed animal, family heirloom, blanket, or silver rattle. In the mean time, take a look at Susie’s website  ( to get an idea of the possibilities she can create for you. Susie offers a unique plan for your baby’s first year. You will receive 4 studio photography sessions at  (3, 6, 9, & 12 months) with a retouched 4×6 portrait mounted on salon board for every session, 10% off baby announcements, a FREE Newborn session with parents at 1-6 weeks old, 4 facebook images (one from every session) Plus Susie provides darling tutus, garlands, diaper covers, hats and clothing for your session.

Baby Photography Testimonial

When I saw my wall portrait for the first time it brought tears to my eyes. I was overwhelmed not just by the sheer beauty and artistry, but by Susie’s ability to capture the adoration between my son and I and bring it to life in this piece of art. Our wall portrait is displayed above our fireplace in our family room. It is the focal point of the room and something that we admire everyday. I am taken back to that moment when my son was four months old. I remember the tenderness we shared, it touches my heart every time I see it. Our portrait was definitely worth the investment. Susie’s payment plan made it attainable within our budget. We consider it an absolute treasure.

She welcomed us into her home studio and made us feel at ease. She spent over two hours with us, she treated us like family and gave us the very same care she would photographing her own children. Watching all our images set to music was a delight, we laughed and cried! Her studio is a space that is inviting, loving and relaxed. Susie is a consummate professional, a caring mom and a gifted artist. We drive an hour to see her. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

-Rachel Priestley Pittsboro, NC

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Susie at 919-662-5541 for your portrait session. She looks forward to talking with you soon.