“Don’t Shut the Door!” Just another FUN day in the life of a photographer.

Kids always make photography sessions fun and UNPREDICTABLE. This story is called, “DON’T SHUT THE DOOR!” After photographing a 17-month-old session, I photographed the boy’s mom for an Executive Portrait for Linked In. (We kept the little boy occupied with a toy and snacks and we were getting beautiful images of mom.) I used a 200mm lens, so I had to photograph quite a DISTANCE from my subject. While I was focusing and almost ready to take the picture, the little boy STARTS TO SHUT THE DOOR between ME and HIS MOM, which prevented me from photographing her. And I yell, “DON’T SHUT THE DOOR!” It was hilarious! Never a dull moment here at my studio!  Picture #1 is the funny picture of him shutting the door and picture #2 is the final headshot image. You never know from looking at a finished image, what it took to get there!  Laughter is good medicine and I laughed the rest of the day about this incident. Love, Susie      http://www.SusieGilmore.com    •     919-662-5541





























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