Just two more days to order Christmas Card Ornaments

I love getting Christmas Cards in the mail. In this electronic age, there’s something special about walking to the mailbox and opening a card JUST FOR ME. I am so excited to introduce Christmas Card Ornaments. They feature an exquisite image of your loved one on the front with a heartwarming message on the back. They can be hung on your tree and enjoyed for years to come. They come in packs of 25, so all your friends and family can enjoy them too.

Hurry, there’s just 2 more days to order them so they will arrive before Christmas. Previous Susie Gilmore sessions can be used. The model displayed in this sample is the lovely Abigail Ruehle. She has an angelic face. Deadline is Nov. 30th. Call today so you don’t miss out on these darling cards. 662-5541. http://www.SusieGilmore.com/blog

Love to you all!

Susie Gilmore
Photographic Artist

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