Outdoor Family Portraits

Every child longs to hear stories about their family. It helps them to understand the world better and tells them who they are and where they came from. When a child sees family faces in a portrait from long ago, today comes better into focus.

Families need to be photographed regularly, as time touches each countenance, as we change and grow. One of the most important photographs you’ll ever have taken is a family portrait. Beautifully designed outdoor family portraits make fine decor. Your family can be captured in their most comfortable surroundings, either your home, your beach house, outdoors or any place special to your family.

Stop and think about your family room or living room. We invest thousands in fine furniture, window treatments, and carpet, yet most of us give little thought to what we put on our walls. This is the weakest element of home interior design. Most wall “art” options are purchased off-the-rack at a store and they are chosen mainly because they might match the colors in the room.

Imagine, instead, a nicely designed outdoor family portrait created in soft evening light near a lake with well-coordinated clothing, and expressions that reflect a pleasant moment in your lives. To hang this portrait in your home is much more personal than buying a print of a bowl of fruit from a chain store.

When family portraits are taken to a level of fine art wall decor, your guests will spend all their time raving about your portrait and not even notice your new sofa or leather chair. Most importantly, in years to come… when you’re older and wiser, the Family Portrait is going to provide far more enjoyment than that old sofa which by then has been replaced because it went out of style. Your family portrait never will.

Have your family portrait done this Fall. You and your family never looked so good!