Wall Portraits

Our portrait studio specializes in creating fine art framed portraits and canvas wrap wall decor that is personalized for your family. A fine portrait is priceless. You cannot put a value on the images captured of your children and family. If your home was on fire and your family and animals were safely out of harms way, the first thing you would grab on the way out would be your wall portraits. Everything else can be replaced… the furniture, the home, your clothing…but Fine Portraits cannot be replaced. They are moments of your children’s lives that are gone forever.

I grew up in a large family of seven and my parents did not have professional portraits made of my siblings and family. All I have are snapshots and cookie cutter school photos. I would pay anything to have a professional wall portrait of myself and my family to hang in my home to show family resemblances to my own children. It would be an heirloom that could be passed down when I’m gone. Wall portraits are a great investment to tell our unique family history.

Some of our clients have lost loved ones in different stages of their lives and the one common thread between them is the value their wall portraits meant to them now that their loved ones are absent. It helped them grieve and remember every little detail of their precious one. So, please hug your family and take the time to get portraits made every year by a professional photographer. You will treasure your fine wall portrait or wall grouping.

If you don’t already have a photographer, call my studio at 919-662-5541. I would love to create a fine wall portrait for you to tell your story.

Wall Portraits


Video of Classic Wall Portraits by Susie Gilmore